Princes of the Universe

Return to Lance Rock

The Lord of Lance Rock meets a 'grizzly' end

After hearing from their various contacts about the fate of the Mirabaran trade delegation, the party met. Percy and Dartholomus revealed what they had learned about the body of a knight being transported by the delegation, and urged the party to come with them to find the fate of the delegation and recover the body. After some negotiations, it was agreed to go. However, before investigating, they decided there was one loose end to tie up – the so-called Lord of Lance Rock.

Traveling to his lair they were greeted once again by a pair of zombies which attempted to drop a box of rocks on them. Dartholomus, their intended target, rolled deftly out of the way and the party made short work of the undead interlopers. Continuing on, they were met in force by the Lord of Lance Rock and twelve of his loyal subjects, but before he could get through half of his grandiose speech, the battle was joined.

Reefer made a quick attack, while Percy channeled the power of her god to drive away fully half of the undead minions. A tense battle ensued, with many near-deaths of party members averted only by Percy’s healing magic, the healing Goodberries of Shan, or the indomitable will of the heroes enabling them to fight on despite grievous injuries.

Under pressure from the party, the self-styled Lord fell back to his study, in which a glowing symbol of an eye floated over a glowing orb. Kresh quickly stole the orb over the cries of the Lord, and passed it to Reefer who easily outpaced the powerful but strangely pitiful necromancer. Shan pinned him in place with magical thorns, allowing the party to finally bring an end to this mad necromancer.

Ultimately he died mad, fearful and alone.


DanCame DanCame

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